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Husband, Father, Grand-Pappi, Entertainer and Entrepreneur

Is there anything he can't do?



Rob Skeet & Clay Pigeon

Rob's musical prowess knows no bounds. He's a one-man musical sensation, delivering electrifying performances that are a perfect fusion of virtuosity and showmanship. Whether it's wielding a guitar, tickling the ivories, or showcasing his incredibly versatile vocal skills, Rob Skeet's dynamic stage presence and infectious enthusiasm guarantee a party like no other.

But that's not all! Rob is not just a solo sensation; he's also a half of a dynamic duo, Clay Pigeon, teaming up with a Celtic fiddler to create an unforgettable blend of upbeat Celtic rock. Together, they take audiences on a musical journey through the heart of Celtic tradition, infusing it with a modern and energetic twist that's impossible to resist.


Guest “Pigeons” include:

Cyril Tenjohn

A musical tribute to Elton John

with Rob Skeet as Cyril Tenjohn and featuring the
Husky Tower Band

However, Rob Skeet's biggest claim to fame is undoubtedly his mesmerizing tribute to the legendary Elton John. Widely hailed as one of the finest Elton John impersonators on the planet, Rob's uncanny ability to channel the iconic performer's essence, both vocally and visually, is nothing short of astonishing.


From the flamboyant costumes to the spot-on piano playing and those unmistakable vocals, Rob's tribute to Elton John is a dazzling spectacle that transports audiences back to the golden era of rock 'n' roll.

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