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B i o g r a p h y

Rob Skeet is a live entertainer with over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Great entertainment for lounges, pubs, weddings, tournaments, and parties. Featuring a wide variety of music styles including: Rock, Country, Pop, Sing-along, and some stuff that’s just plain silly!


Playing guitar and keyboards and working from a centre of electronic gizmos and whatzits, Rob uses his boundless energy to create an evening of fun and merriment.


Over the years, Rob has gained a large following of die-hards. Whether it’s your first or fifty-first time, Rob’s show is sure to be a crowd pleaser!


Now with the addition of a smokin’ celtic fiddler,  Rob offers up a Duo alternative as “Rob Skeet and Clay Pigeon”


Rob Skeet and Clay Pigeon is a high energy duo with Rob’s usual shenanigans but with the added bonus of a smokin’ fiddler.


Guest “Pigeons” include:


Jarred Albright (Fiddler, Mandolin and Guitar)

Karen Sim (Calgary-renowned Street performer and special event fiddler)

Warren Tse (Fiddler, guitar, accordion wizard extraordinaire)

Sean Softley (Fantastic Irish fiddler)

Barb Olorenshaw (Fiddler, Mandolin and Guitar)

Roxanne Young (Formerly of Barrage)

Paddy Byrne (Well-known veteran fiddler)


Clay Pigeon is also available for private bookings as well.



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